Wellesley Information Services

Who We Are

Building independent resources to help IT Professionals succeed in their careers

WIS is a publishing and training organization that supports business and IT professionals worldwide by giving them many different resources to optimize their investment in technology. Our goal is to provide the tools and information people need to be better and more productive, as well as to inspire them to continuously develop themselves professionally.

Here are the principles by which we live every day:

Our Products

We deliver value to every customer through field-tested and validated content that helps companies find solutions to their most challenging IT and business issues.

Our Partners

We are committed to achieving our goal of developing long-term relationships that bring customers and business partners together through concentrated and focused learning opportunities.

Our Customers

Our expertise and commitment to delivering quality content helps companies improve their ROI in information technology and assist in driving professional development to their employees.

Our Employees

We continuously strive to build and maintain an environment in which our employees can learn, thrive, and be challenged and happy.

Corporate Culture

Wellesley Information Services is located just outside of Boston in Dedham, MA. What began as a one-woman company in a Wellesley, MA living room has now grown into a 130-employee powerhouse, including world-class content developers, marketing and sales professionals, technical and customer service personnel, production specialists, editors, and more. We believe in quality products, working hard, and having fun along the way.


Working at WIS isn't like working at any other company, and here's why:

What Makes Us Tick

Integrity, quality, growth, responsibility – these are just to name a few. We're a small but growing company. The key to our growth is sticking with what made us successful in the first place.

We Aren't Afraid of Change

If we were, we wouldn't be what we are today. Aren't we in the technology business after all? Every day presents a new challenge and an opportunity to take advantage of it. This definitely isn't a static business.

The People Are Pretty Awesome

We look for people who aren't afraid to think creatively, volunteer for challenging projects, and hold themselves accountable for all they do. We strive to please our customers and go out of our way to help them. We're about open access, flexible hours, and a relaxed dress code. All we ask is that you do your work with pride and excellence.

If you want a company with a community atmosphere, this is it. We're always participating in gatherings, contests, community service, softball games, and more. And we love food at WIS – there's free fresh fruit and candy every day, free bagels on Wednesday (affectionately referred to as Bagel Wednesday), ice cream socials for celebrations, and even summer midday barbecues, featuring our CEO as head chef (he makes a pretty good burger)!

Bored? Cool, We'll Fix That

We give you all the responsibility you want and the help to succeed. Have an idea? Run with it. Propose an initiative and make it happen. Be challenged and get recognized for your work. Find a problem and fix it. Whether you want to switch departments and explore something new or be promoted to a higher level within your career path, we're happy to guide you through it all.

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